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We started our training with Olivia last summer to get rid of some kilos and generally get fitter.
The regular classes, but above all Olivia’s motivating, friendly manner have helped us to stay on the ball. In the gym we would have let it slide (as often enough), but so we actually did our “homework” every week 2-3 times. 

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We now notice after half a year that we have become much fitter, especially compared to the first lesson. My wife has also reached her first weight loss milestone (despite Christmas).
The lessons with Olivia do cost a bit more than a regular gym, but it was definitely worth every penny.

Rebecca W.

Olivia is the definition of a super personal trainer for me! I’ve never been athletic – neither in childhood nor as a woman have I managed to really get going consistently. Now it was time to discover my full potential, make a start to super shape, lend excess fat and switch to a healthy as well as muscle building diet.

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When I contacted Olivia I was excited and today I am really excited. If you are also motivated and bring a little bite, it creates it within a few weeks and months you completely change – and without a feeling of too strong overload, but you are consistently just more and more happy.

Constance K.

Olivia is a great trainer, motivator and a very experienced nutrition expert.
Through her positive “can do” mentality and expertise, she has helped me tremendously to reintroduce exercise as a routine in my everyday life, to get my candy addiction under control and simply to regain the fun of strength training.

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I have been training with Olivia for about 3 months and I am so grateful and happy that I took this step and really got an all-around concept tailored to me.
I can really highly recommend Olivia, because she is not only professionally an ace, but also humanly very warm, empathetic and brings the necessary bite to achieve my goals.

Kristina S.

Do you know it?

⦁ Are you currently in a mental hole?

⦁ It’s hard for you to develop routines?

⦁ At 20 you could eat anything and at 30 it’s all downhill?

⦁ You are consistent for a while but as soon as one thing doesn’t fit anymore, it throws you completely off track and you throw everything away again?

⦁ You know about nutrition but it hasn’t really helped you yet?

⦁ You train in the gym but the successes are missing?

⦁ You feel uncomfortable in your body?

⦁ You compare yourself with others?

⦁ You struggle with mood swings?



Have you just agreed at least once inside?

Together we will find the right solution for you!


Shape up be happy Coaching

I help women like you feel more confident, attractive and healthy again. Arrange a free initial consultation now. Only serious inquiries please.

Olivia Ederer – German PERSONAL TRAINER in Dubai and Fitness Athletin
Coach, nutritionist in Dubai


There was a key moment when I was 28, I can still remember it very clearly. I was looking at vacation photos and was shocked at myself. That was the moment when I changed everything. It was a process with many ups and downs.

That’s why I can put myself in my clients’ shoes so well. Only with a plan and a coach by your side will you reach your goal. I made it, so you will too. Now at almost 37, I feel more attractive and fit than ever before. 

The advantages of my shape up be happy Coaching concept

Learn how to achieve your dream figure sustainably and finally learn to love yourself.

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Olivia is a unique trainer! She adapts to my individual needs and plans the workouts in such a way that I constantly progress without being overwhelmed. She is amazing and highly motivated. Every training session with her is fun. Even if I’m not in a good mood, she manages to inspire me and at the end of the day I just feel great!

Tino Schöninger / Owner of Datenwerk GmbH

The free training session was very effective. Olivia is very personable and competent. She pays attention to the correct posture with every exercise. I already sweated a lot during the test training! I’m curious how it will be when the right training … 1000 thanks!

Marion Hackemann / Mom

Training with Olivia means 100% fun and success in achieving personal goals. Her love for sport and work motivates and challenges me. And the best thing is, you can see it, I’m much fitter, feel good and have discovered the pleasure of sports! Olivia is simply the best!

Melanie Gigl / Manager