5 tips – Eat healthier in the stressful office life


There are many reasons why people forgo their breakfast, no time, no desire, no appetite or too many pounds on the scale. But the first meal of the day is important. A healthy breakfast recharges the energy reserves for the still fresh day. It is best to prepare breakfast in a jar the night before, such as Overnights Oats with protein powder. Then you save a lot of time in the morning and can start the day relaxed with a protein-rich breakfast. Or you can pack your breakfast in your bag and eat it in the office.


Water – the elixir of life!

Without water, very little works in our body. If nutrients cannot be transported quickly enough due to a lack of water, we will only run at low speed. Drinking the right amount of water is therefore essential for vitality and performance. Although coffee is very popular with busy worker bees, they should prefer (mineral) water, unsweetened fruit and herbal teas to quench their thirst. These drinks not only provide the body with fluids, but also with valuable minerals. By the way, you should not rely on your own sense of thirst, but rather actively and consciously reach for a glass of water.


Take time for eating!

“Food keeps body and soul together.” However, stress in everyday working life tempts people to quickly take lunch in between at work or even to cancel it. However, away from the workplace, it is easier to “air out” the head, relax and gather energy. In addition, you feel more satisfied if you take time for lunch and consciously enjoy it. Well “lunchthed” can come the challenges that the afternoon brings. And afterwards, a quick walk around the block to get some fresh air acts as an energy boost for the second half of work.

Choose the right snacks!

When hunger pangs strike, it’s easy to turn to unhealthy snacks. Appetizers made from simple sugars provide a quick energy boost, but this is usually short-lived – hello energy low! Snacks don’t have to be unhealthy. Fruit with nuts (e.g. apple slices with almonds, pear pieces with cashews) not only provides longer-term energy, but also a colorful spectrum of nutrients. Trail mixes with a high nut content, vegetable sticks with healthy dips, or a slice of whole-grain bread with hummus can also provide a healthy way to combat small hunger pangs. Sometimes, however, you can’t avoid a snack. In that case, it’s best to go for the “high percentage”: one or two pieces of dark chocolate with a high cocoa content can melt in your mouth with pleasure. These deliver valuable Flavonole and quench the sweet hunger faster according to experience.

Meal Prep is the magic word!

Why rush around at lunchtime and then reach for an unhealthy option? On the Internet you can find a variety of tasty and quick recipes that are great to prepare and take with you.