Olivia Ederer – Expert for Body Fat Reduction  

I wasn’t born a fitness queen either!

There was a key moment when I was 26, I can still remember it very clearly. I was looking at vacation photos and had been shocked at myself. About 8 kg heavier than 6 years ago at that time, totally unfit and self-confidence was not the greatest either. That was the time when I changed my whole life. It was a process with many ups and downs. Tried a lot of things and it was a marathon instead of a sprint but it was worth it. My life has improved significantly in all areas.

Only with a plan and a coach by your side will you reach your goal. I did it, so you will too. Now at almost 37 years old I feel more attractive, healthier and than ever before.


My philosophy

“You can’t cross a lake by just standing there looking at the water.”Do! That’s my recipe for success. Even if you think you can’t. I’ll help you get that first stone rolling. With me there are no fancy or wacky Youtube training programs. I offer you a completely individual and unique training concept. You will not only significantly improve your endurance and strength, but also your flexibility and coordination. All the things you need for your stressful everyday life at work and in your private life. My training concept focuses mainly on exercises with your own body weight, TRX, elastic bands, kettlebells and small equipment. My training sessions take place in a relaxed atmosphere at your home or private Gym or outdoor.No training session with me is like the other. I have a portfolio of thousands of exercises. Each training session is tailored to your individual and personal needs. I can promise you that it won’t get boring even after 20 training sessions, because nothing is worse than boring routine! I will challenge you anew with every workout and give you a new muscle soreness (stimulus). So what else are you waiting for! Let me take you by your hand and work on your goals together.No matter when, where and how!