What goals are achieved with our personal training?

Lose weight

Who doesn’t know the feeling: “When the pants have become too tight again!” No wonder, in our stressful everyday life and the little movement with the daily desk work.
Sure, you know about nutrition. Less fast food more vegetables. But with all the online information overload and the thousand contradictory pieces of information, no one really knows their stuff. And do you really have the time and motivation to deal with it and implement it in the long term?
We at shape up be Happy know the challenges of everyday life and weight loss. Through our years of experience, we have studied, tested and validated every known method. That’s why we can advise you exactly – what works for you and what is just a waste of time.

Build Muscle & Strength

There are many factors why you stagnate. Wrong training program, poor exercise execution, too low intensity – too little or too much training – just to name a few examples.
Often it’s simply a lack of discipline and motivation to keep training for the long haul. All successful athletes – and I mean all – have a coach by their side. We as your coach help you to push yourself forward. We show you exactly how it works.
First of all you get an individual training and nutrition concept and additionally a long-term support. This is important so that you achieve your goal in the long term and know exactly what you have to do.

Increase fitness & performance

Late for your next meeting again? You sprint up the stairs to get there faster. When you reach the top, you start to pant, the sweat is already running down your forehead and the sweat marks are visible on your shirt.
Many people feel this way… but you can change that!
How would you feel if you were more efficient, more resilient and fitter in everyday life? Not only does your fitness increase extremely, but so does your mental focus. This will especially increase your productivity.

Where do you actually train?

At your home

We come comfortably to your home and take our equipment with us.
So you don’t have to drive anywhere after your long day at work.

In the park and in the nature

Training in the fresh air is always the best and healthier than in stuffy rooms. In addition, training in the fresh air also toughens you up.


We are also there for you online. Whether you’re on a business trip or on vacation, we’ll take care of you just as we would with 1:1 training on site. There are basically no more excuses for not doing anything.